© Gabrielle Voinot

Head office VoyagePrivé.com

Aix en Provence, France
Maîtrise d'ouvrage
VoyagePrivée.com, AMO : Redman
Tangram Architectes
10 500 m²
Année de livraison
Notre mission
Structural engineering in concrete,
timber and steel with Facade engineering

Prix Régional de la Construction Bois 2021 – FIBOIS – « Prix spécial design de la structure bois »

Construction of a semi-underground building comprising two basement parking levels and two office storeys, located in the future Constance Mixed Development Zone in Aix en Provence.
The substructure and supporting structures are in reinforced concrete and the superstructure framework is timber.

The timber structure, formed by quadripartite columns and transverse primary beams, consists of beech glulam.

At the rear of the building, a double-height shear wall reinforced by buttresses takes up the loads from an earthwork forming an acoustic and visual barrier in respect of the adjacent motorway. A green roof on the timber frame completes the « camouflaging » of the building within its surroundings.