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Multidisciplinary Engineering

With today’s demands for performance and economy in all construction projects, success can only be guaranteed if all parties work together in perfect harmony. This is why Terrell offers its specialist services in all facets of building engineering.

Terrell’s engineers, all experts in their fields, are given creative freedom within the framework of a coordinated multi-disciplinary team, with the aim of delivering otpimised holistic solutions. At Terrell, multi-disciplinary engineering does not mean compromising quality, which is guaranteed at all levels by the full commitment of our specialist engineers.


Structural Engineering

The Structural Engineer’s role is to design, analyse and implement structures which safely satisfy multiple performance criteria in an elegant and economic manner. The marriage of different construction materials is at the heart of this role. The engineer is constantly looking for solutions which respond to the demands of each specific project. Terrell’s structural engineers carry out this research daily in all their projects, and are particularly conscious of the need to develop solutions which make the best use of the different materials available.

Terrell’s egineers make the right choices at concept stage, and then optimise these designs by applying their considerable experience to develop these solutions into practical working details.


Façades Engineering

Terrell’s experienced building envelope team designs and monitors projects through to handover. In a context where energy conservation is essential, the interface between the interior and exterior of a building plays a key role. With the help of tools for calculating non-linear resistance materials and heat, we work on the building envelope on both fronts; on the facade and windows just as we do on the walls, while also having thorough knowledge on special structures.

We offer engineering teams specialised in several domaines, building structure, building envelope, wood, fire, architecture, design and thermal.

Curtain walling
The external insulation provided by these facade systems in addition to the waterproofing, provide numerous advantages to the overall building performance.

Lightweight façades
Adhered, clipped, beaded, or even capped, the lightweight façade is the vertical interface between the inside and the outside of a building. This protective envelope expresses the architectural aspiration. The design must incorporate many parameters such as energy, light, weather proofing, aesthetics, break-ins, fire, maintenance.

Glass roofs
Contrary to the lightweight façade, the glass roof is the horizontal interface between the inside and the outside of a building. Particular attention needs be paid to the drainage, waterproofing and quality of implementation on site. Expertises with respect to installation, technologies, calculations software, materials and evaluation of the glass roof environment enable our design teams to provide a made to measure solution for flat, curved, wide span, or even fire rated roofs.


M&E Engineering

The building services department is an integral part of the multi-disciplinary activities of our Group, offering clients high calibre staff in all sectors. Our approach is based on teamwork to successfully integrate the services throughout the design phases and construction stage up to handover. Our internal design coordination provides innovative cost effective solutions and efficient building management.

sustainability initiatives. Terrell has numerous references in green building technology employing systems such as geothermal heat pumps, solar cells, rainwater harvesting, bioclimatic facades.
Our experienced engineering teams are consultants in the fields of office buildings, retail, education, culture, residential, covering new buildings as well as refurbished premises.

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