Al Muntalaq

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Metro Jeddah Company
AREP - Systra
94 000 m²
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Structural Engineering and MEP Services

Al Muntalaq is part of Heart of Jeddah’s new emblematic development. It is an urban island with a 40000m² footprint including 3 parking levels (substructure) and mixed use facilities in the superstructure of about 94000m².
The project centers around a complex transport hub for metro, bus and taxis, complemented by several distinctive buildings including a 5*hotel, offices, retail space, a medical centre and an IMAX cinema. The train stations are below ground and yet are an integral part of the project as an open trench connects them to the main plaza.
The entire project is covered by a light undulating roof in the form of a dune.

The sophisticated MEP design concept includes:
• Connection to the Utilities for HV, district cooling, water and sewage networks, extra low voltage operators.
• Core and shell design of HVAC, Plumbing, Fire protection, Electricity and extra low voltage currents.
The MEP design is carried out in application of local Codes in particular ASHRAE for HVAC and NFPA for fire related items.