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Music & Dance Academy

Blagnac, France
Mairie de Blagnac
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2 601 m²
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Engineering of structure,
opaque facade,

The project is located on the Andromède Mixed Development Zone, Boulevard de l’Europe, in the town of BLAGNAC.

The Music and Dance Academy is situated on the site as follows:- A long two-storey structure housing the music conservatory is set back parallel to the pavement on Boulevard Alain Savary.- On the Boulevard de l’Europe side, a broad,  pedestrian area connects the high school forecourt to the tram stop and to Cours Barricou.- Perpendicular to the former, a second building for the single-storey dance academy is located opposite Cours Barricou.- Multi-storey car park.

The ground-storey floor will be a ground floor slab.

The first storey floor and roof will be constructed of reinforced concrete, with prestressed honeycomb slabs, enabling large spans with a limited number of loadbear4ing members.

The auditorium roof slab will be separate from the building structure in order to avoid acoustic transmission.