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Établissement Public du Musée et du Domaine du Château de Versailles
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The temporary reception hall in the “Château de Versailles”, which will remaln for three years, was created with respect to a patronage of the public establishment, the Museum and National Domain of Versailles. lt is designed to answer one of the Château de Versailles major concerns, i.e. improve the conditions of access for the 5 million annual visitors and organise and facllltate movement wlthin the Château and the Domain. ln accordance with the constraints related to a historical site, the construction had to be implemented ln less than three months. The declslon to create a modern building requires a certain architectural aspiration. Comblnlng glass and wood, the curved shape construction fils naturally into the Château’s “Cour d’Honneur”. The hall facilitates public access, movement through the ticket control and access to the waiting area.