Roof-top Extension for the University of Paris Est Créteil Val de Marne

Créteil, France
Université Paris Est Créteil Val de Marne
550 m²
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Structural engineering & envelope

Execution of a single-storey rooftop extension on an occupied site on one wing (L3) of an existing building at the Paris-Est Créteil Val de Marne University, on the Créteil Multidisciplinary Centre campus at 61 avenue du Général de Gaulle in the commune of Créteil (France). The rooftop extension of approximately 550 m² net internal area will house the University Vice-Chancellor’s offices at the heart of the University’s original and main campus.
Building L with the rooftop extension accommodates more than 1500 people and is classified as a category 1 public access building.
All of the structural and facade work comprised in particular: reinforcement of the existing flat roof in respect of the increase in loadings and superimposed design loads and the fire regulations; foundation reinforcement work in way of the overhang; extension of the fire stairs; construction of the “plinth” for sealing of the future overhang; the execution of the main steel frame, the construction of the steel-framed overhang, the execution of the timber-framed wall to support the copper scale facade cladding incorporating external joinery.