51 avenue Simon Bolivar

Paris, France
CFDT Immobilier
Ma Architectes
2 016 m²
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Multidisciplinary Engineering

Redevelopment of 51 avenue Simon Bolivar, a building formerly owned by the Paris city council, acquired in 2012 by the CFDT. It comprises more than 1 500 m² of offices, a multi-purpose space, development of the basement level and creation of a mezzanine.

The redevelopment work comprises the renovation and modernisation of the structure, the facades and the entire electrical installation. The floor area is enlarged through the creation of plant rooms in the basement. The exterior facades and the roof are completely renovated. In order to comply with the Paris Climate Plan, photovoltaic panels are installed. All of the electrical installation and infrastructure is refurbished, as well as the plumbing and the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment.
An 8-person lift is installed to serve 5 floors.