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8-10 rue Jobbé Duval

Paris, France
Nuveen Real Estate - Theop
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7 931 m²
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Engineering of structure and facades

The project consists of the major renovation of an office building located at 8-10 rue Jobbé Duval in Paris’s 15th arrondissement.

Built in 1930 and with a rooftop extension executed in 1962, the building has an overall floor area of 7,931 m on a basement level, ground floor and 6 upper storeys, the 5th floor being set back with an accessible terrace.

It consists of a U-shaped main building, disposed around a garden and two inner courtyards.

The project will ultimately provide: A building in compliance with labour law, with a 5th category public access ground floor (limited to 200 people).

The renovation works relate primarily to:

– Redesign of vertical circulations above ground with the addition of stairs and lifts

– Ground floor extensions

– Creation of skylights to bring light into the basement

– Creation of a second basement at the edge of the area occupied by Orange within the height of the first basement or beneath the courtyard

– The upgrading of the spaces at the level of the existing 5th floor extension and its terraces.

The site is located on a backfilled former opencast quarry.