Low Carbon Building Asnieres

Asnières-sur-Seine, France
Nexity Immobilier d'Entreprise
Dubuisson Architecture
15 000 m²
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Engineering of structure and facades

The project in question is very ambitious from an environmental standpoint because it involves the construction of a low-carbon office building. This objective is achieved by constructing the building structure entirely of timber and, in particular, cross-laminated timber (CLT).
The South East facade was designed as an extensively glazed curtain wall, in order to maximise the view of the Seine.
The other facades are designed as timber-framed walls with integrated glazed frames, with timber cladding on opaque window breast panels, the assembly being prefabricated in a workshop on the basis of frames 5.40 m in length and full-storey height.
The system for executing these facades on a timber-framed 7-storey building was the subject of a Technical Experimentation Assessment request to CSTB (Construction Industry Scientific and Technical Centre).
Sun protection is provided by frames made from welded steel plate sections, with a depth varying according to the facade’s mean exposure to sunlight.
Image credits: ©Dubuisson Architecture & Sora Images