Le Berceau care home for dependent elderly people

Saint Vincent de Paul, France
Camborde Architectes
6 333 m²
Our services
Structural engineering,
concrete and opaque fascia construction design

Construction of a 96-bed care home for dependent elderly people, including a 14-bed Alzheimer’s unit.

Two-storey building, consisting of a reinforced concrete structure. The loadbearing structure comprises concrete external and partition walls, a complementary post and beam structure in the central areas, and pre-slab or hollow-core slab type floors according to the area. The floor is the slab on earth platform type for the general areas and beam and block type floor above crawl space in way of the kitchen. The flat roofs of the ground floor are vegetated, whereas those of the first floor are weatherproofed by means of a multilayer laminate with gravel protection. The opaque walls are clad with white brick exterior insulation. The pergolas and spines of the curtain walls are made of pine, with a brown-pigmented autoclave treatment for all external works.