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Nova Building – Cambacérès

Montpellier, France
AMETIS, GAÏA and LAZARD property development groups
Taillandier Architectes Associés
25,700 m²
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Ingénierie structure et façades

Construction of a service sector building located in the Cambacérès Mixed Development Zone in Montpellier.

6/7-storey office and/or public access building comprising a double-height ground floor level to accommodate an indoor market requiring an REI 180 fire rating, various retail units, a nursery and 4 separate blocks housing offices. Two landscaped greenhouse areas are incorporated between the blocks over the entire height of the building. The substructure comprises 3 levels with a footprint per floor of approximately 5500 m², primarily for parking. Continuous flight auger pile foundations and cast outer wall to withstand earth pressure. The podium and the blocks have a column-beam structure and reinforced concrete curtain walls for the vertical circulation cores providing general windbracing. Floors constructed of honeycomb slabs and prestressed permanent formwork concrete slabs. Facades of prefabricated white architectural concrete units. Metal structure for the construction of the greenhouse envelopes.

Target classification BREEAM Very Good with an E2C1 approach.