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Construction of a helipad and MICU premises

Montpellier, France
Centre Hospitalier Régional Universitaire de Montpellier
Chabanne & Partenaires Architectes Mandataire - François Fondeville : Entreprise Mandataire
11 880 m²
Our services
Structural engineering,
metal frame

Design-build contract for the construction of a helipad located above 4 parking levels surmounting a ground floor plinth comprising the MICU premises as well as the offices and sleeping quarters of the Montpellier Hospital Centre.

The metal structure is stabilised by the composite action floors forming a diaphragm and transmitting the horizontal forces to the concrete walls of the ramps and the concrete cores forming stairwells and lift shafts.

The metal floor of the helipad consists of extruded aluminium box sections fixed to the primary steel structure. The facades consist of folded perforated metal panels.

The structure’s fire stability is verified in accordance with the requirements of the Guide relating to open-sided multi-storey car parks. Earthquake-resistant design.