Projet LDS (Le Chesnay)

Le Chesnay, France
Association française de l'Eglise de Jésus Christ des Saints Derniers Jours
Studios Architecture
2 016 m²
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Structural Engineering Design

An architectural ensemble consisting of a place of worship and its subsidiary buildings. The place of worship comprises a reception, an information centre and offices, a residence space for the short-term accommodation of users of the place of worship principally composed of 21 rooms and apartments, a caretaker’s apartment, permanent accommodation for the staff managing the place of worship and an underground car park.

The entire project was built in reinforced concrete; it consists of a common infrastructure supporting the different buildings. The site is to the right of a layer creating groundwater pressures, balanced by a gravity raft and complementary network of micropiles to legislate for exceptionally high water levels. The dam effect of the building is managed by a system of siphons that create hydraulic transparency. The temple is the heart of the project, particularly with its custom-cast monumental reinforced concrete staircase and joinery featuring stained glass made in the United States. The project is intended to be an “eternal” house of God; this led to an intense focus on the durability of the ensemble, including the structural details.