IRO Building

Chatillon, France
Bouwfonds Marignan Immobilier
Ateliers 2/3/4/
2 019 m²
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Concrete Structures,

The operation in this case consists of a 5-level office building above the ground floor and garden (semi-underground) levels with a floor area of approximately 25,285 m2. The infrastructure is composed of two levels of basement in addition to an excavated garden level. Its plan is organised around patios that act as light shafts.

The supporting structure is in reinforced concrete. The mullion/cill façades supporting the hollow-core floor slabs without compression screeds are particularly noteworthy. The east façade has staggered openings over three levels with staggered expansion joints. The basement east garden level forms part of an approximately 6 m excavation. The ground is stabilised by a piled retaining wall with console over this height.

The building has an HQE certification of Very Good (2013) and a BREEAM rating of Excellent. It also has Biodiversity certification.