Maroc Telecom Tower

Rabat, Morocco
Itissalat Al Magrib (IAM)
Jean-Paul Viguier Associés et Omar Kobbite
29 700 m²
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Façade engineering design

This 91-metre-20-storey-tower will house the future headquarters for Maroc Télécom. A glass tower in a prime location, overlooking the Hay Riad, makes it visible from ail over the city. The tower has 13 lifts to access its office space, show-room, museum and restaurant. The upper levels are dedicated to ‘Presentation space” such as an auditorium.

The building has already received recognition for its high environmental standards. Particular attention has been paid to energy management. For example, movement detectors in the meeting rooms in order ta limit air-conditioning and a renewable energy system for producing hot water. Lighting will be natural tanks to the glazing.