Eiffel Orsay Campus

Orsay, France
Société de la Tour Eiffel
Paul Mayla Architecture et Associés
22 000 m²
Our services
Engineering of structure and facades

This present project consists of the construction of a real estate complex comprising 2 six-storey buildings for office use located in Orsay (Essonne). It includes a plant and parking basement level. The basement is common to the 2 buildings and extends beyond the ground-level footprint. This complex represents approximately 22,000 m² of floor area to be constructed.

The 2 buildings are constructed of reinforced concrete; a transfer floor in the basement upper slab was necessary in order to conform to the car park grid.  These 2 buildings had deep foundations.

The facades have aluminium casements and cassette cladding. Large glazed apertures in the tall curtain wall intersect the buildings in order to signal the main entrances.

The building is classified as a public access building.