Ilot Ternes

Paris, France
BNP Paribas Immobilier
Jacques Ferrier Architecture, Chartier Dalix
17 000 m²
Our services
Structure and Façades design

Terrell will be designing the structure of two mid-rise buildings, one residential and the other commercial. Their surface areas are 6 000 m² and 11 000 m² respectively. The commercial building boasts 7 floors whilst the residential one is to comprise 9 floors with a ground floor for commercial use.

The timber super-structure of the buildings is made up of CLT panels, which combined with steel beams, provide great interior organization flexibility. The exposed timber will emphasize the innovative look of the project as well as its ecological sustainability which defines the image of the future Ilôt Ternes. Concrete will be used as the main structural material for the ground floor and for the braced frames

The materials used are of high durability and are energy-efficient. The use of mixed timber-aluminum design ensures both high-quality insulation and simple maintenance.

The project also allows for the construction of rooftop terraces equipped with greenhouses for urban agriculture. Their structure consists of simple steel frames and glass. The two rooftops are connected by means of a bridge.

The project aims to obtain the following certifications:

– Certification HQE – NF Bâtiments Neufs – millésime 2015, Excellent
– Certification BREEAM International Construction 2016, Excellent
– Label Effinergie +
– BiodiverCity® AAAB

BBCA (Low-Carbon Emission Building) certification will be obtained in the timber construction category.