Cœur Défense Building

La Défense, Courbevoie, France
Amundi Asset Management
Yrieix Martineau Architecture
2 500 m² (surface concerned by the rehabilitation of the building)
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Ingénierie Structure et Façades

Delivered in 2001, this real estate complex consists of two 41-storey high-rise towers (161m tall) and 3 separate 9-storey office buildings, connected by a 5,000m² cathedral atrium; it comprises 160,000 m² of offices and a floor area of 350,000 m².

The project relates to the upgrading of the complex, including:

The development of the roof terraces of the 9-storey central building, including the extension of the existing terrace on the south side, the extension of the existing goods lift, the creation of new emergency staircases, the reuse of the newly accessible spaces on the existing roof. Interfaces with the facade envelope following the structural modifications to the roof terrace.

The real estate complex will remain in operation throughout the project.