Maillon Theatre

Strasbourg, France
Ville de Strasboug
LAN Architecture
7 000 m²
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Structural & MEP Engineering

This project relates to the construction of a theatre located in the new Wacken international district of Strasbourg.
The building houses a main 800 seat auditorium and a second one with a capacity of 250 seats. The scheme is complemented by related spaces dedicated to artistic activities and informal performances, as well as to logistics and administrative functions.
The structure is located in a category 3 seismic zone, importance class III. The primary structure is reinforced concrete and the auditorium roofs are steel-framed, with special provisions for the stage design. The theatre is on pile foundations.
The technical infrastructure has been designed to afford the spaces the thermal comfort and the connections (telecommunications, power supply) required for the various activities carried on within the building. These facilities were the subject of a special study in terms of life cycle cost in order to minimise operating and maintenance costs and ensure maximum service life for this public amenity.