Rue Blanche

Paris, France
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3 550 m²
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The BLANCHE real estate project concerns the restructuring of a building complex, with a view to a new redevelopment project, following a change of owner. The building complex consists of the amalgamation of two buildings (one entrance at No. 1 Rue Blanche and another entrance at No. 3 Rue Blanche). Originally built in 1864 in the Haussmann style for residential use, it comprises 6 storeys plus two basement levels.Floors 5 and 6 are located within the mansard roof space, with the lower roof slope at 5th floor level. The existing floor levels of the buildings at 1 and 3 Rue Blanche are offset in height to a greater or lesser extent according to the different storeys.
The project consists essentially of:
– modification of the vertical and horizontal circulations,
– the levelling of the floors of the 2 buildings (numbers 1 and 3 Rue Blanche) with the exception of the 6th storey
– bringing the building into compliance with current standards.