Pratgraussals – Salle événementielle

Albi, France
Ville d'Albi
PPA Architecture
2 319 m²
Our services
Structural engineering,
timber frame

Ground floor and partial second storey type auditorium with a capacity of 500 people, capable of adaptation into two or three sub-spaces.

Concrete underframe with cavity wall with pebble matrix. The superstructure is timber. It is based on a grid of portal frames comprising box-section columns and girders with Kerto-Q webs and Kerto-S ribs. The beams have a span of 24 metres. The transverse stability of the portal frames is provided by the reinforced concrete walls of the adjoining rooms, and by the prop function of the upper part of the columns. The facades located directly above the underframe walls consist of 145 mm timber frame walls with acoustic lining on Megastil frame and external timber facing. The roof is CLT with zinc roofcovering on battens and interior acoustic lining.

The project’s principal constraint was the timetable: 11 months of work.

The design of the timber-frame structures made it possible to carry out a maximum of off-site prefabrication to optimise construction time.