Sharaan International Summit Centre & Resort

AlUla, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Royal Commission for Al-Ula
AJN Ateliers Jean Nouvel
48 000 m²
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Structural & MEP Engineering

A major summit center and hotel with adjoining villas built into the mountains deep within the Sharaan Nature Reserve in AlUla. Set for completion by 2024, the resort will include 40 guest suites and 2 villas, and the Summit Center will be comprised of 12 private pavilions and 2 private villas  hidden within the rock dwellings the desert.

The structural design consists of ensuring the long-term stability of each excavation volume forming the hotel suites and pavilions, when the rock itself can’t stand alone due to mechanical resistance, the presence of bedding planes, cracks or low thickness. Each structure being unique, necessitates finding the right position & dimension and the right relation between each excavation volume to optimize the untouched rock surface.  Terrell is also designing all the additional buildings, predominantly underground: plant rooms, accommodation, logistics center and tunnels.  The project has required evaluations of the flash flood and rock fall risks in the mountain and WADI using numerical simulations on 3D models.

The MEP project has adopted ambitious sustainability goals to minimize the environmental footprint and preserve the desert with minimum use of water and energy, zero waste and no emissions on site. Power for the site is to be generated by a geothermal plant located outside the site boundary. The site heating and cooling demands are meet with 4 pipe air source heat pumps located in the utility center. The water architecture has been designed to minimize water usage and ground water extraction. The main water supply is via boreholes to a raw water storage tank; it is then filtered and treated using reserve osmosis to potable drinking quality.