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22nd Gers Department Secondary School

L'Isle Jourdain, France
Conseil Départemental du Gers
Cardète Huet
4,730 m²
Our services
Structural engineering,
weatherproofing and roads and services

Construction of the school with rooms arranged around a large hallway, a true indoor street providing natural light.

Reinforced concrete construction for the garden and ground floor levels, with construction of externally insulated facade walls with solid or perforated brick cladding. First floor structures in reinforced concrete, with prestressed pre-slab and hollow-core slabs according to the span, resting on the reinforced concrete curtain walls and beams. The school’s main entrance canopy is built of reinforced concrete, supported by two cantilevered deep beams.

The school’s first-floor elevation is constructed with a timber frame, with transverse portal frames in glulaminated timber. Lightweight roofcovering with insulation and EPDM membrane supported by a timber panel. Upper-floor walls with timber frame with priority to natural insulation and zinc canopy type cladding.