Eleis Shopping Centre

Cherbourg, France
Cherbourg Investissement / Carrefour
Arte Charpentier et Calq Architectures
40 000 m²
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Facade Engineering

The “Eléis” project comprises the renovation of a superstore and extension to the East wing: Carrefour will hence expand from 6200 m² to 8400 m².
The shopping arcade, which will be extended out up to the existing Total petrol station, will include 15 new boutiques and 7 medium sized shops. The arcade will cover an area of 7800 m² of which 4100 m² will be on the first floor. New restaurants and cafés will also be set up on the ground floor over an additional area of 1000 m² giving a new total area of 1700 m². Overall, the current retail area for the shopping centre, superstore and shopping arcade will increase by 10000 m². Façades are composed of aluminium tubes which are designed to reflect the light. This shell will conceal the car park and delivery area at the back of the building but will also allow light to penetrate through. The roof will be designed as a unique façade, as it will be visible from the surrounding mountains. Works undertaken while the building remained occupied.