Terrasses du Port

Marseille, France
Forum Invest France SA
4A Architecte (Michel Pétuaud-Létang)
35 500 m²
Our services
Engineering of structure and facades

The Terrasses du Port project aims to create a “city block” above the port area, a retail and leisure complex within the confines of the Port Authority.
This complex will border the port’s quays for 120 metres in the heart of the city, near Place de la Joliette. It will have a retail area of 45,000 m² with 10,000 m² of terraces and with promenades, cafes, restaurants, a fitness room, a swimming pool, and a beach soccer stadium.
These activities are intended for the 350,000 cruise passengers who pass through the port of Marseille, the more than 2 million passengers travelling to and from Corsica and north Africa and the general public of Marseille.
Terrell is undertaking the studies of specialist structures: metal and timber frames, glazed facades and metal supporting structures, canvas structures.