Al Arabi Stadium

Doha, Qatar
Aspire Zone
Terrell et Qatar Design Consortium
30 000 m²
Our services
Multi-disciplinary engineering design

The stadium upgrade project involves the construction of a partial lightweight roof covering the seating and running track areas. The roof will be made up of portal frames spaced every 9.3 m, with 26 m cantilevers and a longitudinal bracing system. The peripheral structure is in the form of gothic arches providing the authenticity of traditional motifs whilst using the most modern engineering techniques.
Terrell are designing a state of the art outdoor cooling system for the seating area and the pitch with a QSAS 3 star rating. Bleachers are covered but not the pitch which features a large sky opening.
The main chilled water production design criteria comprise water cooled positive and negative centrifugal chillers, make-up/back-up ice tanks and TSE water fed cooling towers. Air is supplied from deck mounted air handling units by duct mounted nozzles that are located at ground level for the pitch and overhead for the bleachers.
The whole design has been carried out strictly in accordance with CFD simulations, thus delivering zone by zone adequate air supply and chilled water flow, in direct relation with wind orientation and speed as well as occupancy and sun load.
Chillers overall power: 33 MW
Ice storage : 100 MWh
Number of AHUs : about 70
Total supplied air : 2 000 000m3/h