JAX Cultural Campus

Riyadh, KSA
Ministry of Culture, KSA
Chatillon Architects
10 960 m²
Our services
MEP and Façade/Envelope Engineering Design

This ambitious project involves the regeneration of an entire industrial zone into new cultural campus in the JAX district of Riyadh.

The redevelopment of warehouse buildings and sheds will see their transformation into an arts complex including theatres, music halls, cinemas, food, beverage and lounge spaces. The design upholds an authentic industrial feel, using exposed steel structures, whilst creating a fully pedestrianized zone with interconnecting buildings for the arts campus.

The main structural principles involve the construction of portal frames following the shape of sheds, made with slender I-beams, and supported by transverse truss beams. These principles allow for large volumes to be free of any columns.
Lightweight metal mezzanines are added on the sides to complete these large volumes with smaller spaces for expositions, offices or technical rooms.

The large hangars are designed using a modularity concept to allow for greatest flexibility of use.