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Cartoucherie Wood’Art Building

Toulouse, France
Icade Promotion
Dietrich UnTertrifaller Architectes- Seuil Architecture
13 057 m²
Our services
Structure engineering and Façades

Design and construction contract for a mixed-use shopping, hotel and residential building. A prize-winning project in the French Adiv’bois national competition. Nine storeys over a concrete base at ground level. The two-block ensemble is built over a shared basement level with retaining walls in secant piles. The superstructure, apart from the concrete vertical circulation hubs, is made entirely of structural wood with load-bearing walls and floors in CLT and non-load-bearing façades in wooden-framed walls.

The wooden structures are prefabricated off-site, with three-dimensional modules for the hotel and two-dimensional modules (floors and walls) for the residential accommodation. The wood is left visible for all internal floor soffits, except in wet rooms. Wood accounts for 76% of the building’s volume. The cladding is in terracotta shingles.