Doha Tower

Doha, Qatar
Project management
Sheik Saud Al Thani
Ateliers Jean Nouvel
100 M€
57 000 m²
Our mission
Multi-disciplinary engineering design

This 44 storey helicoidal structure created real structural engineering design challenges, including the outward “bursting” forces created by the geometry which were redistributed by the use of post-tensioned ring beams at each level. A huge basement was formed using a secant piling procedure and dewatering which lasted several months prior to building. The principal frame was designed as a tube, with the outer reinforced concrete double helix structure taking both vertical load and up to 75% of the lateral wind bracing loads. The floors were designed as a mixture of composite steel and reinforced concrete. The Moucharabieh which acts as a sunscreenwas designed as four overlaid panels of complementary geometric patterns.

Prize for “The 50 Most Influential Tall Buildings of the Last 50 Years » awarded by CTBUH.