Housing, avenue Morane Saulnier

Vélizy, France
Project management
(SCCV Vélizy Morane Saulnier) Woodeum
Dream Architecture
12 M€
5 414 m²
Our mission
Concrete wood structure engineering

This project consists of the construction of two residential buildings, located on Avenue Morane Saulnier in VELIZY VILLACOUBLAY (France). These two buildings are part of a combined scheme comprising 6 buildings or “lots” on the plot. *

The project provides for the construction of 98 housing units distributed across lots A and C of the Mixed Development Zone, comprising:

– Lot A: 1 retail outlet (250 m² floor area) and 53 housing units for purchase

– Lot C: 26 social housing units and 12 housing units for purchase

– a car park beneath each building.

These two buildings are seven-storey above 1 basement level.

The substructure, the ground floor plinth and the lift shafts and stairwells are constructed in reinforced concrete.

The structure above ground comprises cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels for the floors and walls, and column-beam-type members.

Timber and metal complete the construction system. Each building has a penthouse on the top or upper two storeys, creating terraces alongside the adjacent dwellings.

The facade cladding consists of render on insulating material, which is the subject of type A Technical Experimentation Assessment. The peripheral balconies have a self-supporting metal structure which supports laminated solid timber panel roof decking.

The roofs are flat, with a waterproof covering protected by gravel.


Image credits:  © Vincent Vacker