Housing, Avenue Morane Saulnier

Vélizy, France
(SCCV Vélizy Morane Saulnier) Woodeum
Dream Architecture
5 414 m²
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Concrete & wood structural engineering

This project consists of the construction of two residential buildings, located on Avenue Morane Saulnier in Velizy Villacoublay (France). These two buildings are part of a combined scheme comprising 6 buildings or “lots” on the plot. *

The project provides for the construction of 98 housing units distributed across lots A and C of the Mixed Development Zone, comprising:

– Lot A: 1 retail outlet (250 m² floor area) and 53 housing units for purchase

– Lot C: 26 social housing units and 12 housing units for purchase

– a car park beneath each building.

These two buildings are seven-storey above 1 basement level.

The substructure, the ground floor plinth and the lift shafts and stairwells are constructed in reinforced concrete.

The structure above ground comprises cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels for the floors and walls, and column-beam-type members.

Timber and metal complete the construction system. Each building has a penthouse on the top or upper two storeys, creating terraces alongside the adjacent dwellings.

The facade cladding consists of render on insulating material, which is the subject of type A Technical Experimentation Assessment. The peripheral balconies have a self-supporting metal structure which supports laminated solid timber panel roof decking.

The roofs are flat, with a waterproof covering protected by gravel.


Image credits:  © Vincent Vacker