La Cité du Vin

Bordeaux, France
Mairie de Bordeaux
X-TU Architects
14 000 m²
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Construction design detailing of the timber structure

The reinforced concrete superstructure is crowned by a curved glulaminated timber structural frame.
Firstly, the timber frame consists, in the lower portion of the building, of a series of glulam arches with varying radii of curvature, forming a “torus”. This frame is characterised by the irregular shape of the arches, all of which are different, and by the fact that these long-span arches have short varying distances between centres and converge on each other.
In the “torus” area, the frame supports a weathertight roof covering and an over-roof constructed with metal cassettes.
Secondly, in the upper section, the timber frame consists of glulaminated timber spines, which wrap around the concrete tower.
In the “tower” zone, the framework supports a glazed fascia.