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La Cavalerie Secondary School & Gymnasium

La Cavalerie
Conseil Départemental de l'Aveyron (Collège) et CC Larzac et Vallées (Gymnase)
BPA Architecture
4 418 m² Collège et 2 187 m² Gymnasium
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Structural engineering,

Construction of a 12-class secondary school, i.e. approximately 360 pupils, and its gymnasium at La Cavalerie in the Aveyron department.

This operation forms part of the Mediterranean/Occitan Sustainable Buildings programme. The target level is Gold, with the intent to also achieve a Positive Energy Building in accordance with the E+C- experiment with level E4 compliance. The project also meets the NoWatt call for projects.

The use of bio-based materials is therefore favoured, with the use of load-bearing solid stone insulated with mixed fibres for the ground floor plinths and a timber structure with straw insulation for the secondary school superstructures. On the facade, timber and solid stone cladding give this facility, which blends into its environment, its full character.