Flying Whales

Laruscade, Bordeaux
SCI Océan et Maîtrise d’ouvrage délégué : SEML Route des Lasers
GAAMMA Goudchaux Architecte & Associés – Mamou-Mani Architecte
69 000 m²
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Flying Whales is a remarkable project involving the creation of a dual-use factory site for the production and testing of a new, large-capacity rigid airship LCA60T for the industrial consortium SCI Océan.  (The inaugural flight is planned at the end of 2025 with commercial operations starting in 2027.) The buildings, in Laruscade, will have a unique architectural signature to best integrate them into their environment, minimising their footprint and making them part of the architectural heritage of the region where they are located. 2 immense assembly hangars are planned (240m x 80m x 70m) of 50m in diameter, each made with a rigid steel structure and covered in a textile membrane. In addition, there will be 2 pre-assembly halls with steel structures, a timber structured office building and an airship take-off and landing area in front of the main buildings.