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Engineering of structure and facades

Construction of a maintenance centre for the western express tram-train line. The workshop comprises a technical building intended for the maintenance of the train sets as well as the operations involving the removal of components beneath the bodywork and on the roofs. This maintenance building is associated with an office building. The workshop is a steel-framed structure. Horizontal stability of the frame is ensured by means of crosses on the roof, and vertical stability is provided by portal frames in the transverse direction and by Saint Andrew’s crosses on the facade.
Some of the workshop tracks are equipped with overhead cranes. The runway beams are fixed to the portal frame columns by means of corbels, or suspended from the transverse beams of the portal frames. The fixed gangways that provide access to the train set roofs are fixed by means of brackets to the portal frame columns.
The project comprises a complex of structures and buildings, including:
• A maintenance workshop with an adjoining office building, constructed with a metal frame.
• A 2-storey office building designated PCDL with a basement level housing plant rooms. On the roof, the building incorporates a green roof complex.
• A track on an external pit, with a metal frame constructed of merchant sections.
• A washing area.
• A sorting and waste area.
• A plant room with a reinforced concrete structure.

Photo credit : ©AREP