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Cantoux School

Ville d'Ormesson-sur-Marne
Bruno Mader
2 500 m² SHAB
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Structural engineering,
timber and services

Construction of a new primary school with 12 classrooms and a school canteen. It is a composite timber/concrete structure with solid rendered brick facades, echoing the district’s stone and brick facades. Timber is favoured in the structure. All of the roofs and terraces are planted. The site is equipped with a BMS system to manage user comfort and all of the technical equipment (lighting, lifts, blinds, HVAC, plumbing) complemented by 200 m² of photovoltaic panels on the roof and security system, access control, anti-intrusion and video protection. The teaching building complies with RE2020 and with the new objective set by decree which aims to achieve very good air quality inside the premises. Thus, the fresh air flow rates employed in this project have been determined to achieve a CO2 concentration of less than 800 ppm.