Saint Lazare 360

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30 000 m²
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Structural Engineering Design

The project consists of demolition down to platform level of the upper floors of an office building that runs alongside the end platform of the St Lazare railway station. The substructure is retained and to a great extent remains the property of SNCF, and it serves as support for an office building that meets current standards.
The cour d’Amsterdam forecourt is covered with a plaza slab enabling street-level access to the offices from rue de Londres and rue d’Amsterdam.
Lastly, the project includes the partial rehabilitation of the Haussmann-style building running along the rue de Londres, to which the new building is connected.
The major technical feature of this project is the design of the new building with a suitable grid in order to eliminate the need for reinforcements in the existing, retained substructure that remains in operation during the studies and the construction operation.