Footbridge at the Cristal Site

Gennevilliers, France
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The desire to provide a pedestrian route within the campus, separate from vehicle traffic, led to the development of a pedestrian bridge, spanning the site access roads and establishing communication between the external pedestrian circulation, traversing the site’s landscaped area, and the staff restaurant, whose access is located on the first floor of the site entrance building.
In light of the constraints (relating in particular to the ground, existing underground networks and site layout) inherent in the project, this footbridge has a total span of almost 100 m, achieved with only two spans with a single intermediate support. The decking extends like a ribbon, separating into strands along a central three-dimensional lattice girder, a metal framework comprising the true backbone of the bridge.
The entire bridge will be prefabricated in a workshop. Given the structure’s dimensions, for obvious reasons relating to transport to the site, it will be “split” into 4 sections to be assembled on site, based on specific routes specially planned in light of the dimensions of the units to be transported.