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Glass Museum

Sars-Poteries, France
Conseil Général du Nord
3 000 m²
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The building that will house the Glass Museum is a single-storey building with a partial basement level that is mainly underground. In places, two-storey spaces will add interest with tall volumes. The structural framework will be built of reinforced concrete. The foundations will be deep, embedded in the limestone. The first-floor spaces will be constructed with a metal frame. These boxes are consolidated, in particular, by the reinforced concrete vertical circulations. The facades will predominantly be loadbearing, in reinforced concrete, with external insulation and mechanically secured solid stone cladding. The roof will be built of solid stone. The weatherproofing will be of bitumen, on Foamglas insulation, with the provision of metal plates for fixing, while preserving the integrity of the weatherproofing. The project also involves guaranteeing: relative humidity between 38% and 45% for the conservation of delicate exhibits; low temperature variation: between 17°C and 23°C; appropriate lighting, ranging from 75 lux (for 20% of the exhibits) to 300 lux for the remaining 80%; dust levels that will not create a “shop window” reflection effect; absence of condensation; and finally, no fading of exhibits due to UV radiation.