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Bordeaux, France
Groupe Cardinal
Atelier d'Architecture King Kong
29 000m²
Our services
Structural engineering,
timber and envelope (MOB building)

Conversion of the former site of the Soferti industrial building into a multi-purpose space.

MOB – 100-room hotel:

Three-storey building, reinforced concrete construction for the ground and first-floor elevations and intermediate floors, timber roof structure, geometry identical to the existing structure with reuse of timber from the existing buildings receiving a metal roofcovering.

Street facades in charred timber cladding installed vertically or diagonally according to the area.

Facades on central patio in lime render on masonry or concrete substrate according to the area.

BEL – La Bellevilloise event space:

Two-storey building in reinforced concrete construction with facades of architectural tinted concrete, cast in place for the walls with recessed panels, prefabricated for the concrete beam/post grid.

Metal roof structure protected against fire by flocking for non-visible constituents and intumescent paint for visible areas.

PKP – Multi-storey car park with a community hall on the ground floor:

Six-storey building with metal frame and composite floor of multi-storey car park type.