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La Cartoucherie Mixed Development Zone building

Toulouse, France
Chloé Bodart / Construire Mandataire - Oeco Architecte Associé
13 000 m²
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Structural engineering,
timber and building envelope

Conversion of an industrial building constructed at the beginning of the First World War comprising a reinforced concrete structure. Creation of a community space comprising, inter alia, a coworking space, a catering hall, a wellbeing and sports space, a nursery, shops, and a space dedicated to climbing.

The climbing space is separated from the rest of the scheme by a transverse covered passage, created by the demolition of the external facade frames in question, and the creation on either side of the passage of timber-framed facades covered with timber cladding. An intermediate level with a composite timber/concrete structure is created over a large part of the existing surface. This intermediate level is supported by a timber beam/post system distributing the vertical load to new foundations created at a distance from the existing ones. The roofcovering and the joinery are completely replaced in order to improve the building’s thermal comfort, in addition to the internal insulation of the existing masonry walls.

The project also includes the construction of a new auditorium opposite the building. Building constructed with a concrete structure coated with insulated ribbed metal cladding, and timber frame.