Jeddah Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Mohamed Harasani Architects
135 000 m²
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Structural and Façade Engineering

The extension of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce & Industry consists of the construction of 2 new towers (one of 190m and one of 90m high) of about 135 000m² built up area including 4 basement levels of car parks and service utilities. The towers are used for offices and a hotel. They are linked together via a 5 storey section spanning 60m over the existing CCI building. Floor slabs are supported by a diamond shaped steel structure on 4 main columns located at the corners of the building. Lateral stability is assured by the towers’ concrete cores. The bridge section is supported by the steel diagrid with expansion joints at each support.
The substructure is composed of 4 basement levels. A diaphragm wall with 3-4 rows of anchors provides stability to the shoring and resists earth and water pressures. A raft foundation sitting on deep piles transfers loads to the soil.
The complex geometry of the structure required a 3D approach to design using BIM techniques.