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Simone Veil High School Gignac

Gignac, France
Région Occitanie Pyrénées Méditerranée
Hellin Sebbag Architectes Associés
14 002 m²
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Structural engineering,

The new high school in Gignac comprises 7 buildings whose bioclimatic design forms a positive energy complex.

The two main teaching buildings and the boarding school are 3-storey. They consist of a timber superstructure resting on a concrete pedestal forming the first level and housing the workshops. A series of V-shaped fibre-reinforced concrete columns support the upper levels as well as the cantilevered visor at the building’s entrance. For the timber superstructure, CLT floors, a central timber column-beam structure and timber-framed facades were selected in order to offer great potential for modularity of the premises. Photovoltaic panels cover a large part of the roof surface of these three buildings. The IDC and catering buildings are formed by a concrete structure on the ground floor supporting a curved glulaminated roof structure supporting green roofs. The cladding is executed with terracotta shingles.

Studies undertaken using BIM.