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La Salanque Secondary School And Gymnasium

Claira, France
Département des Pyrénées Orientales
Espagno & Milani Architectes Associés
10 471 m²
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Structural engineering,

Construction of a secondary school with a capacity of 28 classes, so a maximum of 840 pupils, in the Salanque area. It will provide Special Needs classes accommodating a total of up to 64 pupils and a Local Educational Inclusion Unit class of 12 pupils.

The scheme also incorporates the construction of associated facilities: a school canteen, a 60-bed boarding unit, a gymnasium (type B), a multi-purpose hall and outdoor sports grounds.

The secondary school, built with a reinforced concrete structure, will have coloured architectural concrete facades. The floors will comprise hollow-core slab or permanent formwork concrete slab.

The structure of the gymnasium and the multi-purpose hall is of glulaminated timber, and consists of transverse portal frames resting on a pedestal of reinforced concrete shear walls and cavity walls.