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College 700

Haute Garonne Department Council
Véronique Joffre
6 500 m²
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Engineering of structure,
opaque facade,

The structural framework will be entirely built of reinforced concrete. The entire building is divided into 7 blocks by expansion joints. The ground floor and first floor upper slabs lie perpendicular to the facade. They are supported on the facade by a concrete column-beam system and in the span by the circulation walls constructed of earth concrete visible as a finish.
All floors will be of solid slab type on prestressed permanent formwork concrete slabs in the central span and edge spans. Vertical bracing is provided by the circulation walls, the loadbearing walls and the core walls.
External solar protection will be provided by a reinforced concrete mineral grid made up of vertical slabs supporting the horizontal reinforced concrete sunbreakers and broader canopies to the south to create a sheltered surface on the ground floor.
On the facade, the installation of timber-framed walls surface-mounted on the concrete structure provision is planned for all levels.
The standard weatherproofing system will be of the multilayer type over mineral wool type insulation, with 5-cm thick gravel protection. All rainwater downpipes will be external. Studies undertaken using BIM.