Google, rue de Clichy

Paris, France
Google France SAS
Studio Akkerhuis
6 000 m²
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Structural Engineering

Renovation of the 9-storey, 5-basement-level Google office building located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, including the core building, office spaces, meeting rooms, micro-kitchens, technical services, and repurposing of the existing cafeteria/kitchen.

The goal is to improve the architectural appearance and technical services in accordance with Google standards, reorganise the space and maximise its potential. The project must achieve at least LEED silver level (LEED v4) and meet public access building standards (category 5).

In terms of the structure, the main works included demolition and creation of stairwells, modification of existing lifts, significant reinforcement of slabs, foundations, columns, floors above and below ground level, creation of plant rooms in the basement etc.