Refurbishment of a real estate complex

Floirac, France
Teisseire & Touton, MOG Architectes
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Engineering of facades

Design and build contract for the refurbishment of the facades of a complex of 15 buildings comprising 453 housing units ranging from 5 to 11 storeys in the Cité du Midi in Floirac. These existing buildings consist of a concrete beam/post structure and prefabricated concrete, masonry, or asbestos panel infills according to the location. The operation consists of the external installation of prefabricated timber-framed panels using a self-propelled crane and aerial platform. These panels are prefabricated on the basis of two panels per facade per level (i.e. 10 m x 2.65 m panels). The prefabrication of the panels in the workshop includes the insulation, the external ribbed metal cladding, as well as the new glazed window-frames. This solution makes it possible to limit the duration of the operation on dwellings that remain occupied throughout the works, but also more generally the duration of the operation on site.