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Tour Silva

Bordeaux, France
Kaufman & Broad Gironde
Art & Build Architectes - Studio Bellecour Architectes Associés
9 000 m²
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The SILVA Tower is located in the Saint-Jean Belcier Mixed Development Zone in Bordeaux. Incorporating 125 dwellings, the 17-storey project tops out at more than 50 metres, in the fourth category, with a timber-steel-concrete composite superstructure mainly in timber (66% minimum).

Comprising a plinth and a central core in reinforced concrete, the tower is stabilised by the central core and by sway frames on the gable. The floors are of CLT and the peripheral structure is a timber column-beam system over the entire height of the tower.

The outer envelope consists of timber-framed facade modules, produced industrially in conjunction with the exterior joinery and additional vertical metal clapboard cladding. As part of this project, a Technical Experimentation Assessment was undertaken on the timber-framed facade process.