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Hyperion Tower

Bordeaux, France
Eiffage Immobilier Atlantique, Clairsienne, Atlantique Aménagement, Woodeum Développement
Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés
17 000 m²
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Concrete & timber structural engineering design and envelope

Winner of the BIM D’OR 2019

Mixed-use real estate complex comprising housing, offices and a 3-storey car park.

The distinguishing technical feature of the project lies in the 18-storey tower, whose first three plant storeys in the podium are built with a concrete structure, and whose 15 upper storeys are of composite timber/concrete construction. The central core of this tower, built of concrete, provides the bracing for the entire structure, and the outer surfaces are supported by a timber structure consisting of glulaminated/LVL columns and glulaminated beams supporting CLT floors with a concrete screed and suspended plaster ceiling to address acoustic aspects. The cantilevered balconies are supported by steel tie rods and brackets supported by the timber facade columns, and also have CLT floors. The complex is based on a seismic design process.